domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012


I chose this book because I had never seen the movie, and as I found on the Internet in English, I wanted to read. I enjoyed all the books and Disney movies I've always liked reading it. I would recommend it, because for many years to have this kind of books always like

Here you have a little summary:

John Smith is an adventurer, wants to conquer territories world and discover that no one had seen before, traveling to the New World in search of new experiences. Pocahontas is a Native American with a free spirit who is torn between doing the right thing or follow your heart. One day the paths of these two characters meet and their lives change completely forever.
The story of Pocahontas is based on the true story of a sailor named John Smith and an Indian called Matoaka at which knew as Pocahontas by her long hair, which occurred in 1608

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Decorate the classroom.

I chose these posters, because I looked at the class are most struck me by their color and by their words. These had already been selected by other colleagues, I think, but I also liked. I think you are very nice to put them in our class to decorate.

Me, myself and I

I’m 15 years and I meet in February 16. I was born in Motril, in 1997. I live with my parents and my sister un a house in the neighborhood of San José. I love to visit my grandparets ¡, too at my uncles but also don´t see a lot. Since I was little practiced sport, from de rythmic gymnastic even karate. I have been in athletics, but for problems in the family. I couldn't go on, but I keep running all the days. I love to eat my favourute food is junks food but coocked corns I also love. I love music, especially reggae. I more in love even Ángel, my boyfriend, is one more of my family now. I love read books, I love biology and physics, but no for me either physic. I would like to dedicate to phychology or I also like the race directions and executives of companis and law. I'm very concerned Spain's economy it seems outrageous what the goverment is doing there now. Instead of improving the country are getting worse.
Kiss, Andrea.