domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012


Here you have what I use more or less to learn more about the language I'm studying abroad.

This PLE, use it to improve my organization when studying, to have my work in a place where I can have it in place with internet . I can also communicate with people and ask for help when I need it, or just talk to my friends. Also to find information for papers, exams or leisure. It's a great form of organization in my life.

The Bank of Commn Knowledge

With This presentation I'll show you how to make up for everyday. It is simple and is explained step  by step. I hope you will help. Kisses.

Laura Sims.

Laura came to an English class, and told us about his life. Here you have a little interview.

she was born in Enland in a city called Exeter  , this city had very important buildings and shops , and a very important cathedral. 

She visited Colombia for two years and Rumania, and she almost visited every city of England in search of work, because she loved it.

Laura want written a book, she has ideas but she the forget. Laura think that the Spanish is very difficult, and she says that in Motril have a very funny pronunciation.